The Affordable Care Act employer mandate takes effect in 2015, are you ready?

Posted by Maggie Kost on Sep 04, 2014

Starting in 2015, some businesses will have to provide insurance to their employees or could be required to make an Employer Shared Responsibility payment. 96% of businesses are below this threshold and will not be affected by the shared responsibility rules. Do you know if you’re in the 96%? 

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Member Spotlight: Elliott, Robinson & Company

Posted by Maggie Kost on Sep 02, 2014

At Elliott Robinson, we handle and solve client issues from any perspective that they might need.  Sometimes it is as simple as referring them to someone for banking, insurance, investment or other needs that might be brought to our attention.  Our goal is to make them feel we are more than accountants, we are trusted business advisers who assist to help them run their business more effectively which typically means more profitable.  We come along clients to show them how to accomplish not only their business and financial goals; but, also their personal goals.  Because life is more than just their balance sheet. 

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