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Small Business Spotlight – July 2017: Vietti Marketing

Company name: Vietti Marketing
Person in charge: Kevin Grinder, co-owner
Year founded: 2005

Give us a brief history of your business:
We’ve been in business since 2005, originally as dotDigital Studios and becoming Vietti Marketing in 2011. We have been a Chamber member for two years.

In a nutshell, describe what your business provides for its customers:
We are a full-service marketing agency offering a wide range of traditional and digital marketing and web development services. Some of those services include web design, website security and maintenance, and getting your site found on Google.

We help our web services clients bring their brand and message to the forefront. We go back to basics and work out what our clients and their users actually need to do. We then build a website to help our clients look amazing by serving their audience and meeting their goals. We have won several awards for our design work and our business and community practices. We believe in doing the best for our clients and our community.

What should companies keep in mind when planning their website?
First, think about what your goal is for the website. What do you want customers to do when they are there? Second, always be aware that a website is your first impression – so work hard to make it a good one. And remember that the web is ever-changing, so set aside a budget for on-going maintenance and security.

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