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Workplace Financial Literacy & Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)

Article provided by Community Partnership of the Ozarks

Financial wellness is linked to mental well-being. How does one garner financial wellness and overall well-being? Through financial literacy. Stress over finances affects millions of people at home and in the workplace. PwC’s Employee Financial Wellness Survey of more than 3,000 workers across several fields found that financial stress / money worries have a severe impact on employee’s mental health (34%), sleep (33%), and self-esteem (30%). Research suggests that financially stressed employees are twice as likely to look elsewhere for employment and feel that their employer doesn’t care. In the same survey, 76% of stressed employees stated financial stress has a negative impact on productivity and 55% spend more than 3 hours each week at work dealing with their finances.  

Community Partnership of the Ozarks (CPO) works with local employers to bring our Making Sense of Money Financial Literacy Program onsite through our Workplace Partnerships Initiative. We want to partner with you to offer our 4-week Basic Budgeting Series and other tailored financial literacy workshops! We can provide financial literacy onsite and help employees earn a Savings Goal Match.  

CPO has provided financial literacy education to the community for over 15 years. This education features a well-developed curriculum and provides a solid foundation to increase the financial health and wellness of participating employees. Employees will learn to experience financial wellness, and this new practice has the potential to increase productivity and retention in the workplace. Financially literate employees tend to have greater focus and less stress, making them more effective.  

Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.” One piece of financial literacy is getting taxes prepared by a certified preparer who knows about tax credits and incentives. CPO provides FREE tax preparation services through our Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Clinics throughout tax season for those who make under $60k per year. Tax preparers are certified by the IRS. This is a free service available to those that qualify. VITA is also seeking volunteers to help out as tax preparers or greeters. 

For more information about Making Sense of Money Workplace Financial Literacy opportunities or VITA Clinic Volunteer Opportunities, contact Kelly Paparella at (417) 888-2020 x164 or 

Supported by Community Partnership of the Ozarks
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