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Small Business Spotlight – September 2021: Paragon Architecture

Company name: Paragon Architecture, LLC
Person in charge: Brad Erwin, president/principal architect
Year founded: 2010

Describe what your organization provides for its customers:
Think of Paragon as your architectural Sherpa – carrying the load so you may reach the summit. Our goal is to fully understand your organization’s needs and work humbly alongside you to ensure a successful architectural journey. We guide our clients through facility renovations and new building design, site analysis and facility master planning, operations programming and interior design. We proactively manage projects from the first sketch to your last phone call. But more than that, we go beyond the work to cultivate relationships and advocate your vision—because it’s not our mountain; it’s yours.

Give us a brief history of your business and what makes it unique:
Paragon got its start in 2010, helping K-12 schools secure funding for tornado safe rooms. Now, our passionate architects and interior designers do that and more, providing flexible design solutions and project management services for school districts, higher education institutions, civic municipalities, corporate clients, and healthcare providers across Missouri and in neighboring states. Our projects are big, small, and everything in-between, but it’s the relationships we cultivate with our clients and partners that sets us apart from the competition.

What’s the most exciting recent highlight for your business?
We are thrilled that Paragon Architecture has ranked in the Top 20 of the Best Places to Work in the 417. We’ve dedicated a great deal of energy creating a culture that’s tangible, inspirational, and infused into every aspect of what we do. We check our ego at the door and devote attention to our clients and their needs, all while making the climb achievable and enjoyable. Our #BeTheSherpa mantra reminds us to think and serve selflessly. Our team of service-minded professionals, and our focus on making a positive impact in our community helps make Paragon a great place to work.

Where do you hope to see your business in 12 months?
Our hope is to grow as our clients grow. It’s amazing to witness the progression of a school district or university as they launch new learning techniques. To see new branches pop up in the corporate sector and to design for the cutting-edge advances in healthcare. We believe in the mission of our clients and will always strive to expand as they fulfill their vision.

What advice would you offer to someone starting their own small business?
Believe in your people. Focus on their unique contribution and the things they’re passionate about that may or may not involve their job. Creating an environment that fuels all aspects of their life is critical to the greater good.

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