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Small Business Spotlight – September 2018: Propel People Development, LLC

Company name: Propel People Development LLC
Person in charge: Caitlin Kissee, Owner/Founder
Year founded: 2015

Describe what your organization provides for its customers:
Propel People Development provides a full scope of strengths-based leadership development training services to bring out the best in our clients. From individual coaching to group facilitation to speaking, our services equip people to develop, lead, and do their jobs better. Our services start with uncovering and defining our clients’ unique strengths. From there, we provide in-depth coaching and development to apply these strengths to mission-driven objectives, while strengthening both personal and organizational brands.

Give us a brief history of your business and what makes it unique:
For years, Owner/Founder Caitlin Kissee saw herself as a liability instead of as an asset. In 2015, after earning a master's degree in Organizational Leadership and being introduced to strengths-based development from multiple angles, she began seeing her unique strengths as assets and set out to help other individuals and organizations do the same by founding Propel People Development, LLC. As a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach, Caitlin brings fresh knowledge, passion and her own strengths to Propel People Development LLC. We believe that when individuals and organizations understand their own strengths, they are better equipped to tell their stories, engage in meaningful connection-building, and leverage those strengths to achieve mission-driven results. Propel People Development partners with clients to engage people, bring new life and a new language to organizations and objectives. The unique perspective and expertise that Propel People Development brings to its clients will change the way clients understand themselves, their work, and their teams. Propel People Development’s unique approach challenges the way its clients have traditionally looked at leadership development.

What’s the most exciting recent highlight for your business?
We have recently crossed the 18-month mark working with a client on long-term cultural overhaul. It has been exciting to see a client in a “traditional” industry make significant investment in developing leadership skills in its people (something often viewed as a soft skill). Together, we have designed the process as a case study in fully implementing strengths-based development from the top to the bottom of the organizational chart. For our business, to be able to observe continuing behavior change and lasting results of our training has been thrilling. One-day workshops are inspiring, but ongoing partnerships are truly innovative.

Where do you hope to see your business in 12 months?
In 12 months, our goal is to position Propel People Development LLC as a key leader in the movement to cure a management epidemic! Too often, organizations promote successful producers to management positions and are then shocked when those individual producers instantly struggle. However, the organizations failed to train and develop leaders prior to their promotions. Through increased ongoing education, long-term training opportunities and content generation, Propel People Development LLC seeks to remedy this pattern for businesses in our community.

What advice would you offer to someone starting their own small business?
Develop a clear understanding of your unique ways of thinking, feeling and behaving – your talents. Only then can you leverage those talents to find the sweet spot of where your talents, your passions and the market need intersect. When you get the chance to work from your talents, you will be energized and engaged by your work. If you’re constantly forcing yourself to work outside of your talents, however, you will find yourself drained and unmotivated.

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