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Small Business Spotlight – September 2017: N•FORM Architecture

Company name: N•FORM Architecture
Person in charge: Jennifer Wilson, AIA, and Travis Tindall, AIA
Year founded: 2008

Give us a brief history of your business and the services it provides:
N•FORM Architecture is a design firm on Historic C-Street. We were founded in 2008 as Jennifer Wilson Architect. At that time, Jennifer was the sole practitioner and the office was located downtown. In 2010, Jennifer and Travis Tindall became business partners and the firm name changed to N·FORM Architecture. Soon after this transition, the firm was relocated to Historic C-Street; where it remains today.

Today, N•FORM is a six-person firm and has projects all over the state of Missouri, including but not limited to courthouses, jails, higher education facilities and transit facilities. We provide architecture, master planning, facility analysis and historic preservation services.

What do you think makes your business unique?
We’re an inventive design studio with a dedicated focus on developing meaningful, articulate and sustainable environments through creative architecture and responsible design. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction using our collaborative working model, distinguished technological adeptness and the expertise we bring to each project. Through simple yet effective design, we create unique solutions to meet the needs of every project. At N•FORM, our name embodies the root of our practice: informing our clients and designing in form to create beautiful and timeless architecture.

What exciting news can your business report from the last 12 months?
Renovations are currently underway to our C-Street building. These renovations will allow us to almost double the size of our firm. Once these renovations are completed this spring, we anticipate adding two architects and an office administrator.

What do you see for the future of your business?
Today, N•FORM Architecture is known throughout the state of Missouri for our work with county governments. Our higher education and K-12 practice has been expanding and that trend will continue. In 2017, N•FORM is dedicating resources to expand our marketing efforts to Arkansas, with expansion in Oklahoma soon after to create a regional practice. We anticipate we will be a 10-12 person firm within the next three years.

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