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Small Business Spotlight - March 2024: eSCO Processing and Recycling


Company Name: eSCO Processing and Recycling

Person in Charge: DeWayne Burns, CEO

Year founded: 2009


Describe the services your organization provides and what

 makes you unique:

eSCO Processing and Recycling is a full-service electronics recycling and asset recovery firm with a zero electronic waste landfill policy. We achieve this by disassembling or refurbishing all e-waste that enters our facility. We provide data destruction, materials auditing, de-marking services and recycling to businesses large and small.


Tell us something people might not know about your organization:

Last year alone we recycled over 18-million pounds of electronics waste. That’s the equivalent of 4,500 adult elephants.


What is the biggest challenge facing your organization now, and how are you working to overcome that challenge?

The biggest challenge we face right now is the landfill. We really work hard to educate the public and businesses of all sizes on the security and environmental benefits of keeping electronics waste out of landfills.

Series Sponsored by Connell Insurance
Series Sponsored by Connell Insurance
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