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Small Business Spotlight – March 2017: Robert Cirtin Investigations

Company name: Robert Cirtin Investigations, LLC
President: Bob Cirtin
Year founded: 1991

Describe your services and your history:
Since 1991, Robert Cirtin Investigations, LLC has provided a variety of investigations to businesses, law firms, insurance companies, government, individuals and religious organizations. Our staff is committed to the highest degree of integrity and confidentiality. The company initially began in order to provide investigative and consulting services to State government agencies on a contract basis. Due to the quality of our services and relationship with clients, the demand for our services increased, leading us to hire additional investigators and clerical support staff. Eventually, we expanded our clientele to include businesses, law firms, insurance companies, individuals and religious organizations. We now have a large client base that includes many repeat customers, and we use our track record of integrity and competency to attract new customers.

What do you think makes your business unique?
Robert Cirtin Investigations’ longevity is based on taking great pride in our ability to assist clients with the most up-to-date technical research and investigative techniques available. This is a business and the formula is simple: We provide our clients a great product for a great price. Our products are not only investigative services; we also provide the highest level of confidentiality, integrity and competency.

What is the most exciting news your business has to report from the last 12 months?
Our state contracts have been renewed again and we continue to attract new clients.

What do you see for the future of your business?
Robert Cirtin Investigations is currently preparing to launch a new marketing strategy to help us continue growing our client base.

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