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Small Business Spotlight: January 2019 – SpringNet Broadband

Company name: SpringNet Broadband (part of City Utilities of Springfield, MO)
Person in charge: Jeff Bertholdi, director
Year founded: 1997

Describe what your organization provides for its customers:
With speeds over 100 times faster than average broadband, SpringNet is leading the way towards providing Springfield with the fastest and most reliable fiber broadband connectivity possible.

Whether you need 1 Gigabit or 100 Gigabit, SpringNet can serve you. With over 50 switching nodes, our network provides the community with an ultra-fast backbone to the world around us.

Give us a brief history of your business and what makes it unique:
SpringNet began offering fiber broadband services to commercial businesses in Springfield in 1997. In 2001, SpringNet began offering 1Gigabit services and in 2007 began offering speeds up to 10Gigabit.

SpringNet is a 100% fiber broadband network and maintains reliability above 99.99% uptime.

What’s the most exciting recent highlight for your business?
Our Small Business Program has been an exciting new offering. It delivers 1Gigabit fiber speeds Up and Down, unrestricted for as low as $150 per month. This is an amazing offering for Springfield.

The Small Business Program has grown over 30% each year for two years running, and we continue to expand every day.

Where do you hope to see your business in 12 months?
SpringNet is very proud of its track record in customer retention and satisfaction. We strive every year to maintain close relationships with all of our customers and hope to increase our brand awareness in the coming months.

What advice would you offer to someone starting their own small business?
Work hard. Stick to your niche. And serve your customers beyond their expectations.

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