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GO CAPS Strands

Engineering and Manufacturing

On-site at Springfield Remanufacturing Corp., students will interact with engineers and manufacturers from across the business community to apply lean manufacturing processes that solve complex problems, create value for customers and strive for efficiency in production.

Project Examples from our CAPS programs:

  • Conduct a traffic assessment at the Springfield-Branson National Airport. The data is collected and sent to Institute of Travel Engineers to be included in the next Trip Generation Study manuals for global access.
  • Update all OSHA-regulated Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) provided by a manufacturer and change them to Safety Data Sheets (SDS).
  • Conduct an audit of formal procedures that were a part of a quality manual and identify gaps between policies and procedures in the Quality Manual to actual performance of the applicable task.
  • Students are tasked with designing and presenting a solution on the need for the addition of multiple classrooms to their home high school. Deliverables include a presentation of the requirements and 3D representation of the solution.
  • Compare standard drawings in CAD system to drawings pulled by coordination or shop supervisor at time of work order to ensure most current revision is being used. Identify any drawings being pulled for production that did not match the most current revision in AutoVault.


Given the dynamic nature of idea and business start-up, there is no fixed curriculum in this strand, but rather a framework for unique learning experiences called “CAPSules” that introduce a new theme through targeted business projects and business partner engagement. Students will cover topics in innovation and entrepreneurship, finance, leadership and teamwork, market analysis, communication and technology, project and
time management, while housed in the business incubator space at the eFactory.

Project Examples from our CAPS programs:

  • Populate an application program interface (API) for a company’s WordPress website.
  • Rebrand a digital marketing company to simplify selling message, giving consistency to the company’s voice and creating the correct level of engagement with customers
  • Marketing research for a digital marketing company

Medicine and Health Care

At the classroom facility in CoxHealth, students will expand upon principles of human physiology through in-depth case studies of body systems. They will develop fluency in basic medical language, formulate treatment plans for patients, and practice physical assessment skills with the support of health care professionals from partner organizations like Mercy, Jordan Valley Community Health Center and Citizens Memorial Hospital.

Project Examples from our CAPS programs:

  • Students partner with a local hospital and other CAPS engineering students to design and develop a plan to build a state-of-the-art simulation lab to practice patient care and life-saving procedures.
  • Students partner with a technology firm and local cardiologists to design new gigabit technologies that reduce the hospital readmission rate of congestive heart failure patients.
  • Students work with a local children’s hospital unit to design and develop a pediatric colostomy bag and flange that is more attractive and effective.

Requirements for Medicine & Health Care Students

IT & Software Solutions

This course is designed for students interested in information technology (IT), computer information systems, computer programming, and interactive web and media design. Students will interact with professional computer science engineers and professionals from IT, CIS and software development companies, exploring the variety of career options in the technology space. Students will also work with professionals on real-world projects and programs. The location of this course is to be determined. Dual credit is anticipated, but is also to be determined.

Project Examples from our CAPS programs:

  • Create website for not-for-profit organization.
  • Execute website upgrades in preparation for a server transfer for clients of a technology consulting company.
  • Create technology instructional videos for a company's Help Desk/IT department to be used for their internal employees.
  • Develop a mobile game app aimed at youth ages 5-12 to teach money principles.

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