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Self-reflection, continuous learning, and effective comunication for young professionals

Mark H.

The Network for Springfield’s Young Professionals hosted its final event of the 2023 CEO Series on November 9. YPs heard from Mark Hecquet, president, and CEO of the Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau as he discussed his professional journey, shared impactful experiences in leadership, and highlighted personal lessons learned.

Hecquet started his professional journey in the United States when he made the move from London, England to attend the University of Kentucky. After graduating, he held various positions throughout the tourism industry, including his most recent position leading the Butler County Visitor Bureau.

When Mark decided to move across the country to Springfield, he didn't originally plan to find a new job. But after he got to know the community and experienced its culture during his first visit, he was sold on the idea and decided to join the Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau.

In speaking to his professional journey, Mark emphasized how being intentionally self-reflective helped him define his strengths and weaknesses. Once he identified his weaknesses, he decided to step out of his comfort zone and pursue an additional skill set.

Mark also encouraged YPs to “never stop asking questions.” He has found that to continually learn and grow, YPs need to always possess a trait of asking genuine and intentional questions.

When discussing effective communication, Mark highlighted how he immediately wanted to figure out how his team communicated. He emphasized how crucial it is to not only understand how you communicate but to learn how others communicate as well.

“What you should be thinking about is how everyone else communicates because that’s how you’re going to navigate success,” Mark said. Lastly, Mark challenged YPs to be intentional about what they want to achieve in their careers, starting from a place of defining their strengths and weaknesses.

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