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Connecting teachers with workforce opportunities for students


The GO CAPS Teacher Externship is gearing up for the fifth summer of the program, and to date over 50 organizations have empowered teachers make positive changes in their classrooms and their districts throughout the school year. No company is too small or too unique to add value to – and personally benefit from – the externship program.

One example of the yearlong impact of the program is the annual Winter Summit. At the end of January, alumni from the 2018 externship spent a day away from their classrooms for the benefit of their students, gathering for the 2019 Winter Summit at CoxHealth to collaborate with their peers and to deepen their connections to the business community. Those connections also help make their lessons more relevant and keep students more engaged in what they are learning.

During the Winter Summit, the teachers focused on collaborating with their peers by sharing stories of how the externship experience has impacted the way they teach their students and manage their classrooms. Teachers shared stories of their projects – something they have changed about their teaching philosophy or lesson plans based on the time they spent with business partners. These stories motivate teachers to continue making changes to reflect the needs of the business community and the opportunities available for students.

Over lunch, the group was joined by business leaders who are actively connecting their business to the education community. Some had hosted teachers during the externship in the prior summer, while others were there to support the philosophy of connecting business and education by developing relationships with these teachers. A few teachers and business partners shared best practices by telling the stories of their projects. The teachers left that day with the resources and connections needed to continue making changes in their classrooms.

The teachers who participate have shown overwhelming enthusiasm about the benefits of the externship program, but it could not be successful without the help of the business community. And we need your assistance for the next session.

Supported by BKD CPAs & Advisors
Supported by BKD CPAs & Advisors
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