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Chamber encourages YES vote on city level property tax


On Tuesday, November 7, Springfield voters will have the opportunity to renew the City of Springfield Level Property Tax. The Chamber Board of Directors voted to endorse the proposal and encourages Chamber members who live in the City of Springfield to vote “YES” on Question 1.

Question 1 will ask voters whether or not to continue the current Level Property Tax (LPT), which is 27 cents per $100 assessed value (19% of appraised residential property value; 32% of appraised commercial property value), to fund high-priority public improvements for public safety, stormwater management and City facilities. It is estimated the LPT will generate approximately $8.5 million per year.

Learn more about the Level Property Tax

The Chamber board determined that the proposal meets a currently unfunded need and contains specificity and detail regarding the cost of proposed projects and related staffing/operations; the board also feels there are accountability measures appropriate to the proposal.

Continuing the Level Property Tax will:

  • Not increase or change any tax rate
  • Add, replace, or remodel fire and police stations and add staffing
  • Replace police cars and fire engines
  • Provide neighborhood stormwater improvements

Several accountability measures are in place regarding the Level Property Tax, as well:

  • The ballot language of the City’s proposal specifies that funds used for wage and benefit expenses are only authorized for police department, fire department and public works employees
  • Council’s passage of a bill in August committing LPT revenue to funding a list of specific projects, equipment lifecycle replacement, staffing and programs
  • A bill under consideration that will place the LPT under the purview of its Citizens’ Sales Tax Oversight Committee, established in 2010
  • Because of ballot language and the fact that Council has legislated funding commitments, it is possible for the oversight group and the public to evaluate whether the City is spending as promised
Also on the November ballot

Also on the November 7 ballot, Greene County has proposed a new 1/2 cent general revenue sales tax. The County’s need for revenue to address jail capacity and challenges with the criminal justice system is well known.

For information from the County regarding its new 1/2 cent general revenue sales tax proposal, click here. To see funding commitments for the tax proposal legislated by the County on October 2, click here.

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Supported by BKD CPAs & Advisors
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