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P-20 Council of the Ozarks

The P-20 Council of the Ozarks works to ensure that our education system from Pre-school to Grade 20 aligns with the needs of our region's employers. Comprised of two committees, an advisory committee and a steering committee, the council brings together leaders from the business and education community to collaborate and vet program ideas which can then be taken and possibly implemented by the partner organizations.

The Work of P-20

Underneath of the Advisory and Steering Committees on the org chart, working groups serve as a clearinghouse of information in their respective areas. They filter out good ideas and bad, identify best practices and establish recommendations that will be delivered to the Advisory Committee for feedback then action. The working groups meet outside of the regularly-scheduled P-20 bi-monthly meetings, but have the opportunity to present findings, host speakers for fact-finding, or organize tours during the six working groups reporting meetings, so the entire Steering Committee can gain a broader understanding of our region's education system.

Early Care – In Springfield the Every Child Promise Campaign is encompassing the scope of Birth to Kindergarten care, education, health, safety, and nutrition. As a result of this comprehensive community effort, and understanding the vital component Early Care is to the lifetime success of a child, the P-20 Council will serve as a supportive, silent partner to the Every Child Promise Campaign in their Early Care efforts.

Indicators and Benchmarks - Identifies and monitors indicators and benchmarks in the education system – from Kindergarten readiness to third grade reading scores, ninth grade math scores to graduation rates – to ensure our region is moving the needle on key skill attainment levels. The community's understanding of where we are and where we should be in education and workforce development is a valuable service the P-20 Council can provide through this working group's efforts.

College and Career Readiness - Focuses on what our middle and high schools are doing to prepare students for college and careers. May identify programmatic efforts to engage the business community and connect students with potential future employers at a much younger age, and establish best practices in this type of preparedness.

Workforce Development - Targets adults out of secondary education and ensures that our community is set to re-skill or train workers, and ensures our efforts and resources in workforce development are aligned with the business community's needs.

Legislative Affairs - Monitors legislative activity and federal and state education mandates, and ensures our region's education needs and concerns are communicated adeptly to local, state, and federal law and policymakers.

Advisory Committee Members

Chris Bauman, Ozark Schools
Catherine Bass Black, Odgers Berndtson
Leigh Anne Campbell, American National
Tim Cloyd, Drury University
Julie Cummings, BKD, LLP
Amy DeMelo, Cox College
Tom Douglas, JMARK Business Solutions
Brad Erwin, Paragon Architecture
Brian Fogle, Community Foundation of the Ozarks
Gary Goetz, SRC Holdings
Greg Herren, Multi-Craft Contractors
Hal Higdon, OTC
Aaron Jones, Drury University
John Jungmann, Springfield Public Schools
Gearl Loden, Nixa Schools
Mike Mason, Reeds Spring Schools
Tim Massey, Penmac Staffing Services
Mike McCorcle, Evangel University
Ron Mersch, Olsson Associates

Ryan Mooney, Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce
Matt Morrow, Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce
Kevin Patterson, Southwest Baptist University
Sally Payne, Missouri Job Center
Francine Pratt, Prosper Springfield
Kelly Quigg, IntrinsIQ
Shawn Randles, Logan-Rogersville Schools
Mary Ann Rojas, Missouri Job Center
Megan Short, Springfield Contractors Association
Clif Smart, Missouri State University
Brett Soden, Strafford Schools
Stuart Stringer, Penmac Staffing Services
Brad Swofford, Branson Schools
Carol Taylor, Evangel University
Matt Teeter, Willard Schools
Brian Wilson, Hollister Schools
Chance Wistrom, Republic Schools

Steering Committee

Steering Committee membership is open to Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce members. For more information, contact Alex Greiwe at

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