The importance of learning by doing

Posted by Chamber Communications on Nov 26, 2018

When it comes to finding the right job, for many people the best approach is the hands-on approach. While it may now be called experiential learning, as a panel of business, community and education leaders shared when they visited the Chamber on November 8, the idea is the same.

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The Network touts access to local leaders, outdoor amenities

Posted by Chamber Communications on Oct 30, 2018

There are many reasons why Springfield is a great place for people starting or growing their career, and recent events from The Network highlighted two of them: access to outdoor amenities, and the ability to interact directly with business and community leaders.

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GO CAPS program expands in its fourth year

Posted by Chamber Communications on Oct 03, 2018

When high school students reach their fourth year, they often look to expand their horizons. For the GO CAPS program, which just entered its fourth year, it’s no different. 

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Meeting the new city manager

Posted by Chamber Communications on Aug 22, 2018

New City Manager Jason Gage brought his experience and his outlook to The Network’s CEO Series on August 16 for a Q&A session in front of nearly 100 young professionals. See what he said about the future of Springfield and how he hopes to help the city moving forward.

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The power of encouraging employee education

Posted by Chamber Communications on Jul 19, 2018

At a July 12 event in the Chamber’s Workforce Event Series, the discussion focused on employers that support employee education efforts – through tuition reimbursement, professional development and company culture – and how those programs help with workforce recruitment and retention.

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GO CAPS helps teachers share workplace experiences with students

Posted by Chamber Communications on Jul 05, 2018

Many teachers in the area are taking the summer months to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. Or maybe they’re teaching a session of summer school. But some are using the time for a new type of experience – in conjunction with the Greater Ozarks Centers for Advanced Professional Studies (GO CAPS).

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The Network brings in summer with a dose of flower power

Posted by Chamber Communications on May 25, 2018

The Network’s third annual Summer Fest celebration is scheduled for June 8, and this year’s bash will have a seriously groovy vibe.


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GO CAPS students showcase results of yearlong experiences

Posted by Chamber Communications on Apr 30, 2018

GO CAPS students spend an entire school year immersed in real-life, hands-on job experiences, learning about potential career opportunities and college pathways to reach those careers. On April 23 and 24, the students got a chance to show off what they’ve learned and developed.

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Turning workplace culture into talent recruitment and retention

Posted by Chamber Communications on Mar 27, 2018

The struggle for today’s businesses to grow and prosper often centers around finding and keeping the right mix of talented, motivated employees. That's part of the reason why the Chamber created the Workforce Event Series, which kicked off March 22. 

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Changing the way teachers look at the workplace

Posted by Chamber Communications on Feb 23, 2018

More than 40 of the teachers who participated in last summer’s GO CAPS Teacher Externship program recently reconnected for the Winter Summit to interact with business partners, listen to industry leaders and discuss how they're using what they’ve learned.

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A new year brings a new brand for The Network

Posted by Chamber Communications on Jan 23, 2018

The Network for Young Professionals turned 10 recently, and as most of us do around our 10th birthday, the group is going through some changes. The most visible change: its new brand.


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The Network announces attorney Britton Jobe as 2017 YP of the Year

Posted by Chamber Communications on Dec 18, 2017

Britton Jobe, a partner at Neale & Newman, LLP, was named The Network’s 2017 Young Professional of the Year at the organization’s Holiday Soirée on Dec. 13 at Hickory Hills Country Club.


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A story of personal growth, public involvement and a positive attitude

Posted by Chamber Communications on Nov 20, 2017

As she reflected on a 25-plus-year career that’s still going strong, Sally Hargis had a lot to say to members of The Network about why she stays so involved in the community and how she works to keep a fresh, positive outlook.


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Updating our efforts to draw professionals to Springfield

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Nov 01, 2017

While the Talent Attraction Initiative has been successfully utilized by local employers and even recognized by our peers as among the best in the industry, the Chamber is always working to keep the resources up-to-date.

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Springfield’s Talent Attraction Initiative wins international award

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Oct 05, 2017

It’s gratifying when our industry peers recognize our talent attraction efforts – as the International Economic Development Council did when they presented Chamber economic development staff with a Silver Excellence in Economic Development Award.

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Young entrepreneurs share their experience

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Aug 30, 2017

Taking the plunge to start your own business takes courage, commitment and encouragement. So it’s not surprising that successful entrepreneurs often have interesting stories to tell and valuable advice to offer.

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Empowering teachers (and students) through hands-on experiences

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Aug 03, 2017

It may be the summer, but for nearly 70 teachers in the Springfield area, late June and early July wasn’t a time for vacation – it was time for additional learning and teaching experiences.


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Employee education benefits companies & workers

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Jun 23, 2017

As businesses continue to look for ways to address their biggest ongoing challenge – finding, developing and keeping quality, skilled employees – many are looking for ways to encourage employees to continue their education or add new training and certifications.

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Creating a culture of employee advancement

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on May 26, 2017

There are a whole range of ways to support professional development. The Chamber wants to help you learn more about how you can support your employees.

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Teaching teachers about opportunities for students

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on May 05, 2017

If you ask companies to identify the biggest potential barrier to growth and optimism, the answer is almost unanimous: access to workers. The GO CAPS Teacher Externship Program brings teachers into the workplace for job shadowing experiences that they can then share with their students.

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GO CAPS students set to show off their work

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Apr 04, 2017

The second crop of students participating in the GO CAPS program are preparing to show off the results of a year of hard work.

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Telling a story and changing the narrative

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Mar 24, 2017

Mary Kellogg was at the Chamber March 21 to speak to members of The Network about her experience helping to grow the Titanic museum in Branson from an idea into a $20 million business. 

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Demonstrating GO CAPS to a State Leader

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Feb 15, 2017

News of the GO CAPS program's success has spread quickly, prompting State Sen. Jay Wasson to reach out to Springfield Public Schools Superintendent Dr. John Jungmann to learn more about the program.

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Leadership Kickoff Features John Wanamaker & Britton Jobe

Posted by Paige Oxendine on Jan 20, 2017

The Network and Leadership Springfield had a huge turnout for our 2017 Leadership Kickoff event, with more than 100 members attending lunch and a Q&A session with new Chamber Chair John Wanamaker from BKD, LLP and Network Chair Britton Jobe from Neale & Newman. 

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Springfieldian honoree offers guidance for young professionals

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Nov 18, 2016

If those in attendance at the most recent installment of The Network’s CEO Series have the ability to listen, they likely learned a lot from the current Springfieldian Award honoree.

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Businesses, schools reiterate importance of workforce development

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Nov 02, 2016

Chamber staff recently brought State Speaker of the House Todd Richardson to the Chamber offices to talk with business and education leaders about workforce development and education issues, and the speaker heard about the continued challenges those leaders face.


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Connecting you with your next star employee

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Sep 21, 2016

Is your organization looking for new employees? Do you wish you had access to the Chamber’s vast network of connections? Our upcoming Career Fair may be just the answer.

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Nominations open for Young Professional of the Year Award

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Sep 01, 2016

The Network, the Chamber’s group for future business and community leaders, is once again giving its members the opportunity to recognize one of their own.

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Chamber's education attainment initiatives get financial boost

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Aug 03, 2016

The Chamber continues growing its efforts in workforce development, and national organizations are recognizing our efforts.

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Bringing the best, brightest to Springfield

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Jun 03, 2016

When the Chamber asked businesses about their most pressing concerns, workforce consistently topped the list. But as the local economy continues to grow, we run into a problem that is both predictable and difficult to prevent: We’re running out of people to hire locally. 

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