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Four New Ways Companies Are Using MPS to Innovate and Grow

Published Thursday, January 18, 2018 6:00 am
by Greg Tigges

Managed Print Services have changed A LOT. They’ve had to. Companies facing unprecedented change were tired of being held back by old-fashioned workflows, a lack of information, and big printing bills. They wanted freedom to innovate and grow with new capabilities, fewer devices, and more control.

Here are the key ways MPS are freeing companies up and delivering new benefits.

1.   Freedom to think strategically.

What could you do with your time if you didn’t spend so much of it managing your print environment?

Keeping track of everything from procurement to installation to maintenance and supply isn’t easy. If it’s a complex environment managed by multiple teams, the headache multiplies.

Today’s Managed Print Services give you far more control with:

  • Real-time reporting;

  • Built-in security; and

  • Visualization tools to make strategic planning easy.

Predictive maintenance and user-friendly troubleshooting allow you to spend less time fixing problems and more time developing your business.

2.   Freedom to invest in growth.

With paper, maintenance, energy and ink, running printers in an ongoing significant cost. A more centralized approach could help you find ways to reduce those overhead costs and reinvest that budget into something that actually improves your performance.

MPS providers offer thorough behavioral analyses in order to help you increase uptime and reduce bills. Plus you only pay for the services you need.

3.   Freedom to use the right technology.

Today’s multifunction printing devices give businesses amazing flexibility with one-touch printing and scanning to the cloud, go-anywhere mobile print, and tools to link print and digital.

If you started out with printers, scanners, and copiers from whenever wherever, you may be stuck with a lot of tech you don’t need or machines that don’t work with each other. Engaging Managed Print Services can help you set that right, eliminating complexity and costs by ensuring you only use the devices you need and that all your devices work together.

4.   Freedom to work smarter.

The fastest way to save on paper is not to use it. Managed Print Services aren’t only about print anymore. If you can save documents directly to the cloud, you can access them anywhere while automating digital workflows around common documents like invoices.

This means everyone has more time and space because fewer people are standing around waiting for documents to print. It also helps to reduce your business's carbon footprint.

For the processes that do still rely on paper, MPS can help cut the heavy lifting and wasted costs by employing things like automatic ordering of ink, toner, and paper.

Time to cut the cord

If your way of printing is holding your business back, the new, modern Managed Print Services could be your ticket to a faster, more agile way of working with less paper, fewer devices, and lower costs.

What you need now is an experienced partner who can help you spot those places where your printing workflows could be a little more streamlined.

That’s where we come in.

Document Solutions of Springfield is proud to be the Xerox MFP and copier technology dealer serving southwest Missouri for over 24 years. With over 36 years of Xerox technology experience, our goal is to provide the community with the latest products, solutions, technology trends & other means of information and help your company make educated business decisions.

Our job involves helping clients answer questions and find ways to achieve success by improving efficiency, productivity, and controlling costs. 

Come visit our showroom at Plaza Towers at the corner of Sunshine and Glenstone, visit our website at or call us at (417) 883-2416. We’re here to help!