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What’s Your Printer Trying To Tell You?

Five Steps To Get Your Office’s Digital Transformation Started

Published Monday, October 9, 2017 6:00 am
by Greg Tigges

Most of us don’t spend much time thinking about the multi-function printers, scanners, and copiers that share our office space. Often, they just feel like part of the furniture.

But don’t underestimate the potential of your print environment when it comes to digital transformation. Your printers and copiers have come a long way in the past few years, and they’re now capable of contributing to every part of your business, including:

·     Security

·     Customer experience

·     Digital workplace

·     Innovation

·     Productivity

·     Sustainability

·     Compliance

The following five steps will help you get your devices involved in your digital transformation by gathering data from them about the way they’re used and turning that data into insights that show you how to reduce costs, improve productivity, and operate a more sustainable business.

1. See how you’re using your devices today.

As any good change consultant will tell you, transformation starts with understanding how things look today. Analyzing your current print environment will give you a baseline from which to plan and implement cost-saving initiatives that will also make your users’ work lives easier.

2. Transform data into insight with dashboards and visualization tools.

Gathering data from your print environment is useless unless your people can organize it and see it in context. Doing all this manually can be a nightmare so check out what your MPS provider has to offer in terms of dashboards and automated visualization tools.

Not only will they help your people understand the data you’re putting in front of them, but visual tools also help you absorb information faster and be more agile in putting it to work in your business. Knowing you have an overused printer slowing people down is good. But you don’t want to spend a week crunching data to figure it out.

3. Focus on what matters most.

Every connected device has a ton of stuff to tell you and your printers are no exception. The question is, is it something you really need to know and can you act on it? 

Your printing environment can reveal huge amounts about how documents are handled in your business, but the key is to focus on where you can make the most impact. Does every user need to print in color, for example? Could you make savings there? Does every document really need to be printed or are there better ways of sharing and storing information?

4. Use data to guide constant, incremental improvements.

Analyzing your print environment isn’t just good for guiding one-off transformational improvements like the ones these companies made. It’s an ongoing source of insight into document workflow, user behavior and information risk across your organization. Using that insight to improve a little here and there can create an unstoppable flow of continuous improvement.

As time goes by, you’ll maintain a lean and cost-efficient document approach that will ensure your digital transformation never stops delivering.

5. Work with an experienced partner.

When it comes to the flood of data available from connected output devices, it’s smart to let your MPS partner carry the load. They’ll make sure the right data gets captured, measured, monitored and reported. MPS experts have developed sophisticated automation to capture all sorts of data—from information about users and documents to security and efficiency.

And even if you can cover all that yourself, there are still the matters of configuration, integration, support, security, and back up. Instead of changing your whole infrastructure to support this, ask your MPS provider to help.

Not sure how to get started? Contact us today. You can also go here for a detailed assessment to help you uncover the potential for digital transformation in your document workflows. You can watch a video all about it here.

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