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Ozarks Live Interview with NK Shrivastava CEO RefineM, LLC

1 Million Cups - Business Spotlight

Published Monday, August 21, 2017 6:00 am

OzarksLive is a daily program from KOLR-10 that features news about Springfield and the Ozarks region through interviews and segments. One of their regular segments is a Business Spotlight, highlighting a business in the community. NK described the nature of projects and the value of project management, and also talked about RefineM training and its goals.

Watch the interview with presenters Jeremy Rabe and Tom Trtan.

Watch it Here

NK Shrivastava founded RefineM in 2012, fulfilling a long-held dream to create a project management consulting and training firm focused on driving business results.

In his 20+ years overseeing projects—from small initiatives to multi-year, multi-million dollar, multi-national endeavors—NK has seen that while the project management function, overall, has matured over time, its demands have increased, and so too has the project failure rate, estimated by industry experts to now be at 70 percent.

“Why do so many projects fail? It can be a struggle for project teams to determine what’s mission-critical and what’s not. Skipping essential processes can lead to project failure, but, on the flip side, a complex or unnecessary process wastes time, annoys teammates and hurts credibility,” said NK. “I focus my practice on helping project managers perform only high-value processes, not too many—not too few—keeping it very simple, strategic and incredibly efficient. This is the key to project success.”