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Xerox and the Sustainability Movement

Published Monday, July 31, 2017 6:00 am
by Greg Tigges

Over the last decade, the term “sustainability” has been a hot topic of conversation. It’s even become somewhat politically charged and can trigger debate. The reality is that the concept of sustainability has been around forever, probably since the day of the caveman.

At its heart, the definition of sustainability is improving the way we work and live, while realizing economic benefits and at the same time not adversely impacting the environment.

It’s not only about the environment but also about the balance between environment, society, and the economy. It’s what most of us strive for in our day-to-day lives, whether or not you call it “sustainability”.

Brother Dominic and Xerox’s Contribution to Sustainability

Awareness of this movement picked up steam in the late 20th century because of environmental problems that were global in scale. The energy crises of the 70s demonstrated the extent to which the global community was dependent on non-renewable energy resources and energy.

Unspoken Sustainability

Socially conscious companies of the time saw the opportunity to “do good” for society, the environment and the bottom lines of both their customers and their companies. They invented products that used less energy, whether electricity or fuel. People found that these products reduced operating costs and made it quicker and simpler to get work done. This was reflected in advertising, although the phrase “sustainability” was yet unspoken.

Two-Sided Copies

It was also in the 70s that Xerox invented two-sided copying. That new product feature:

  • lowered paper use and costs for the consumer;

  • cut the time to make a print, and

  • cut energy use.

In 1977, Xerox made what remains one of TV’s most popular ads, more than 30 years before social networks revolutionized media consumption. The spot aired during Super Bowl XI and starred a monk named Dominic who discovered a not quite so miraculous way to produce 500 copies of a painstakingly handwritten manuscript.

Digital Document Language Translation

Xerox has changed dramatically since Brother Dominic first graced American screens. With a new campaign, Xerox has moved far beyond the bulky copier. Now we’re into a network of digital documents translated into 35 languages with one click of an app. That means less paper used unnecessarily, less electricity used, and time and money saved from one-by-one translations to “one and done”.

Sustainability has given rise to improvements in the quality of life at work and at home. You can be sure Xerox will continue to be on the front lines.

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