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How Xerox Went from Copiers to Laser Printers

Published Thursday, July 6, 2017 6:00 am
by Greg Tigges

Your office is unique and has its own set of needs. We’re here to help you figure out the laser printer that works best for you.

What’s the best laser printer for your business?

  • High-Security Printing Environment

Xerox VersaLink printers/copiers and multi-function laser printers are enabled with Xerox ConnectKey technology. They offer easy, instant cloud and mobile connectivity and 5- or 7-inch capacitive color touchscreens that provide unparalleled ease-of-use. They also boast unmatched security features that are available right out of the box with little to no support from IT.

  • Large Workgroups Printing Environment

Xerox AltaLink multi-function laser printers are also ConnectKey enabled and able to handle high copier volume. They are also scalable and powerful enough for larger workgroups.

  • Small Space Printing Environment

The Phaser brand has been around for decades and is now synonymous with high-quality laser printing and copying. Xerox Phaser monochrome and color copiers range from entry-level models with compact footprints for small spaces and small work teams up to high-volume models with fast print speeds for midsized work teams.

  • Economical and Versatile Enough For Any Print Environment

Xerox WorkCentre multifunction laser printers come in color and monochrome models and in a variety of configurations. They offer true multitasking for busy offices that want to copy, print, scan, fax, and email with ease. WorkCentre multifunction laser printers range from entry-level models with economical price points up to powerful workhorses with high duty cycles and fast print speeds.

Did You Know? Xerox Invented Laser Printing

The first commercial laser printer was introduced at the 1977 National Computer Conference in Dallas, Texas. That computer was the Xerox 9700 and it was groundbreaking. That marked the world’s first introduction to what is now a fixture of offices everywhere.

The Xerox 9700 sparked a new era in printing, and users were quick to take advantage of its capabilities. The printer made it possible for data processing centers to produce fonts, graphics and logos on cut-sheet paper at speeds of up to 120 pages per minute. Since then, laser printing has evolved to become the standard for convenience and quality.

Gary Starkweather invented the laser printer in 1969 at the Xerox research lab in Webster, New York. Soon after, he transferred to Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) and developed a prototype for the Xerox 9700, the first laser printer, which came to market in 1978. Starkweather’s invention spawned the entire laser printing industry, which is still core to Xerox’s success.

How Does A Laser Printer Work?

  1. A laser beam projects an image onto an electrically charged rotating drum.

  2. Photoconductivity allows the charged electrons to fall away from the areas exposed to light.

  3. Powdered toner particles are electrostatically attracted to the charged areas that haven’t been laser-beamed.

  4. The drum then transfers the toner/image onto paper through direct contact.

  5. Finally, intense heat fuses the toner/image onto the paper.

As your locally owned and operated MFP and copier technology provider, we can help you figure out which Xerox laser printer family is the best fit for your office’s size and needs.

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