Vision-e Voice Harnesses the Power of Voice Recognition Technology for Xerox MFPs

Published Monday, May 8, 2017 6:00 am
by Greg Tigges

Artificial intelligence is the future of technology. Xerox partner Vision-e wanted to help businesses streamline their scan and copy needs with voice commands for:

  • Making copies;

  • Scanning documents to email, Dropbox, supply inventory and ordering; and

  • Placing service calls.  

They developed Vision-e Voice, which is exclusive to Xerox, to do all that and more.


Vision-e Voice is a solution that streamlines several business processes by allowing organizations to use voice technology to enable a range of processes, from printing and scanning to monitoring their printer fleet. The solution will also soon be able to implement features like scan-to-Dropbox with simple verbal commands.

  • End users can walk up to the MFP and access all of that information easily, asking questions like, “Do I have enough toner to run my printer? Do I have enough paper?” without accessing the user interface for the information. They simply ask the machine and receive a response.

  • Owners can access device information easily as well. This makes it simple to ensure there are plenty of supplies and prevent workflow interruptions, slowing down productivity.

  • Vision-e Voice will also provide you with an alternate machine that can do the job if the supplies aren’t adequate at the machine they are currently using.

  • Because the app is stored in the cloud, as Vision-e continues to add features and capabilities, users will automatically receive the latest updates.


Any walk-up user with a visual impairment would be able to address the Vision-e Voice solution for copying and scanning, eliminating the need to utilize the user interface. The same is true for people who use wheelchairs. They can give voice commands without the need to access the interface, or they can place a special keyboard at desk level. Lastly, anyone with a learning impairment may find voice commands easier to use than interacting with the interface.

For a nominal fee, customers gain a solution that will grow with them. The investment includes the hardware needed to activate the voice recognition technology, and the artificial intelligence associated with enabling the hardware to do the copy and scan jobs intended. The solution is simple to install and ensures customers will have no difficulty using the device to its fullest potential.

Many businesses are already enthusiastically embracing this technology and the millennial audience connects to it immediately. It’s a Xerox exclusive and it gives you an edge when it comes to doing business efficiently and effectively.

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