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Streamlining For Schools

Published Monday, January 23, 2017 9:40 am
by Greg Tigges

Schools are coming back into session after the holidays. Students and teachers will be getting back into the routine of classes, books, and lots of paper shuffling. Digital tech, like Chromebooks, iPads and online learning apps, is revolutionizing education but the paperless classroom is still off in the distant future.

We have answers for schools and universities seeking ways to address their changing document management needs. Using Xerox Multifunction Printers (MFPs) and creating customized applications, we can develop workflow solutions that allow institutions to save time and money.

We can address the print, copy, and scan challenges of teachers and students by mixing and matching technology sets and services, such as:

1.   ConnectKey MFPs to manage digital documents.

2.   Xerox Mobile Print to allow secure printing on the go, from any mobile device to any printer.

3.   Authentication and access control when hardware and software come together to control access to MFPs through multifactor authentication.

4.   Provide ongoing support and service.

We can also help with Managed Print Services (MPS) which:

1.   Minimize the financial and environmental costs of printing and storing hard copies

2.   Eliminate risk by maintaining secure, access controlled MFPs

3.   Leverage mobile technology by implementing remote access and cloud systems

4.   Improve overall productivity and communication with ongoing workflow assessments and revisions

Contact us today to see which strategies we can help you implement to save your school time and money.