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9 Tips To End Hidden Costs

Published Monday, January 9, 2017 1:35 pm
by Greg Tigges


The New Year is a great time to assess spending and cut hidden costs for your business. Here are some tips to get you started:

1.    Include everyone in the process

Your employees know your company’s processes better than anyone. Ask them to uncover any time wasters or tasks that don’t have a good ROI. Employees are also an invaluable resource for ideas on ways to cut costs across the board.

2.    Set guidelines for expectations in advance

Make sure your employees know your expectations. Implementing policies and procedures ahead of time and training employees properly in these are far more efficient than dealing with problems as they arise.

3.    Take control of your printing/copying costs

Most businesses don’t track or manage their printing costs. A managed print service (MPS) can track use and expense. When you can actually see how your resources are being used, you can reduce costs.

4.    Use technology to your advantage

Free and low-cost solutions to common business needs abound. Ever used Google Docs? How about replacing meeting travel time with web conferencing? There are numerous tech shortcuts out there just ready for the taking.

5.    Real time availability

With a high-quality MFP, documents like small batches of marketing materials and things like stationery can be available immediately.

6.    Explore electronic communications options

Is it time to rethink your hard-wired telephone strategy? With the proliferation of cell phones, it may be. Consider a Voice Over IP (VOIP) solution. You can also replace fax connections with a scan to PDF solution that can be emailed from a computer of Xerox MFP.

7.    Reduce energy costs

Convert to energy-efficient lighting. Use programmable thermostats. Turn off equipment when it’s not in use. Purchase Energy Star qualified devices.

8.    Seek out existing resources

There are so many resources out there for common small business problems. Take advantage of the web and look for free design templates for things like presentations, business cards, forms, labels, brochures, stationery, etc. Visit for free templates to get you started.

9.    It never hurts to ask

Challenge your suppliers and vendors to reduce costs in their products and services and share their learning and rewards. Trade success stories with similar companies to stay ahead of trends.

Taking a look at costs and uncovering those hidden ones requires a little effort but in the long run, it’s worth it. Do it now at the beginning of the year and you’ll have that much more time to focus on serving your customers and making 2017 your best year yet. 

Come by Document Solutions of Springfield located in Plaza Towers on the corner of Sunshine and Glenstone and see how we can help. Also, check out this informative piece on how copiers can be a security risk since security is a year-round concern.