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Is it your business to handle secure documents?

Then you should know about Secure Print

Published Monday, November 14, 2016 9:45 am
by Greg Tigges

Data security concerns have become increasingly important in recent years. Chances are good that your business deals with some form of sensitive information.

More than likely you have anti-virus software on your computers and a security system for off hours but did you know that your printer could be your biggest security threat?

A startling 90% of businesses have suffered security breaches due to unsecured printers. 

Does your company handle sensitive information?

  •      Credit Card Numbers

  •      Social Security Numbers

  •      Medical Records

  •      Client Personal Information

  •      Employee Personal Information

Clearly, the answer is yes. Every company handles sensitive information.

Here’s a slideshow on how to spot security threats in your business. 

An unsecured printer is a breach waiting to happen, in addition to possibly being a waste of paper and money. Around half of all printed pages get thrown out and 20% never even get picked up!

Fortunately, this problem has a solution. The Secure Print feature on Xerox MFPs comes in handy when printing documents that include sensitive information. You can ensure documents are only available to the person who printed them, thereby safeguarding any sensitive information they may contain. You can even send several documents at once and they’ll only print when you arrive to pick them up.

This print-on-demand aspect of Secure Print ensures that the multifunction printer (MFP) only releases a document when the person who sent the print job is there for validation with a PIN code or a card swipe. You’ve just solved your security and cost problems in one move.

In an age when data breaches are almost commonplace, why not take every extra step to ensure the safety of the information your clients entrust to you?

Want to see it in action? Here’s a great video.