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Choosing the Right Print Partner Can Save You Money

Published Monday, October 10, 2016 9:45 am
by Greg Tigges

Is Your Printer a Time Saver or a Money Waster?

Most small business owners don’t pay much attention to their printers until it’s time for a replacement – and as often as not, that replacement will be bought in haste due to a time crunch, not because it’s the best machine for long-term cost savings.

Certainly, printers purchased at big-box stores will do the job of pushing paper from desk to desk, but what about in the long-term? Printing is an essential part of the daily routine for virtually every office. If you’re relying on your multifunction printer (MFP) to move information throughout your organization why not spend smarter and choose the MFP that’s right for you?

Managed Print Services (MPS) Can Ensure Savings

·     Start with simple tweaks such as cutting down the number of documents you print. A knowledgeable MPS provider can show you if you’re spending unnecessarily and help you adjust your print environment to be leaner and more efficient.

·     Reduce the total time your IT department spends on printing issues. Did you know that 40-60% of help desk calls are print related? On-device access to the full Xerox Online Support Database reduces printer downtime and lets your IT team focus on the tasks that really matter. 

Select Partners that Understand Your Specific Business Needs

Getting the full value of your investment means working with the right partner. One who will take the time to:

·     understand your business.

·     identify opportunities and challenges.

·     implement strategies that will help you maximize opportunities for your business well into the future.

The right MPS provider should be prepared to grow with your business, no matter what. Ask for their machine upgrade policy and make sure they understand your business is a unique entity with specific needs.

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