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Changing Buildings and Mindsets

Published Monday, April 15, 2019 6:00 pm
by Greg Tigges

Before the move, 90% of the workforce had offices with personal printers and there was no centralized print location. Xerox deployed a Next Generation MPS solution to consolidate devices. Small devices now surround the perimeters of each floor, providing easy access for quick jobs, while medium and large devices are centrally located for larger jobs. This move optimized print placement and decreased the number of machines by the hundreds.


Increased accountability adds to the efficiency of the new fleet. Xerox-enabled Follow-You Printing™ requires personal identity verification (PIV) employee card authentication with a PIN before releasing a job, making users more print conscious and aiding in department chargeback.

Freedom and Flexibility

About 30% of the workforce was telecommuting prior to the move, so enhanced flexibility and mobile freedom was key in the new facility. And those who were in the office full time wanted to bring their own mobile devices. Xerox put the infrastructure in place to accommodate both of these unique work styles.

With Follow-You Printing™, employees are no longer tied to a single printer. Users simply print documents as usual before releasing them at whatever device on the network is most convenient.

Security and Privacy in the Cloud

Anytime cloud-based solutions are introduced, security is the first concern. Xerox helped lessen any worries by putting the proper measures in place and allowing the bureau to move at its own pace.

Follow-You Printing™ plays a major role in ensuring documents and data remain secure. Users must authenticate their identity using a PIV card with an accompanying PIN before releasing a print, ensuring the agency knows who is printing and can control access. What’s more, an element of physical security is added, as employees must be present at any device to release a job.

The Xerox Secure Print Manager Suite also gives the bureau print oversight, adding yet another critical layer of protection.

Partners in Change

All this change would typically be met with some resistance, but everyone worked hard to make the transition as smooth as possible.

In fact, Xerox put on a demonstration and training day for employees to provide education on the new devices and all the added capabilities. This also presented a perfect opportunity for feedback and firsthand insights into how employees were adjusting to the new workspace.

Plans for continuous improvement are in place and the agency is committed to keeping infrastructure flexible for whatever tomorrow’s workers demand.

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