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Whiskey Tango Goes to Vegas

Stephen and Karen Williamson will be guest speakers at the Nightclub & Bar Convention March 25-27th

Published Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The owners of Whiskey Tango, one of Springfield’s newest hot spots, have been invited to be guest speakers at America’s largest Nightclub and Bar Convention March 25-27, 2019.

“It’s such an honor to be included in such an amazing event! This is the VERY show that less than one year ago, solidified our decision to pursue our dream of opening our own business, Whiskey Tango”, says Karen Williamson who co-owns the new bar with husband, Stephen Williamson.

 The workshop they will be featured in is titled “FIRST-TIME ATTENDEE TO SUCCESSFUL BAR OWNER-A ONE YEAR JOURNEY.” With no prior knowledge of the bar and restaurant industry, Karen and Stephen attended their very first Nightclub and Bar Convention in Las Vegas March, 2018. Their hope was to gather enough information to be able to leave behind their corporate lives and create a place in the food and beverage world. The dream was to create a bar that was special, unique,  and upscale but still be approachable. They had three days to make it into as many workshops as they could.  Topics included design, buildout, menu planning, finance and general “how-to’s” of running a successful bar. They listened intently to industry experts and guest speakers. They perused the massive showroom floors gathering piles of product information. Now, one year later, they will be in Las Vegas to share their experience with thousands of others. They will talk about the ups and downs and valuable tips they learned along the way. Attendees will learn what resources they took away from last year’s convention and how they utilized experts they met in Vegas to make it all happen.

 “Pursuing this dream has been a real adventure. We are just hoping we can help others in their journey to bar ownership…pay it forward if you will” explains Stephen.

 The couple plans to utilize this opportunity to continue learning more about innovations in the industry by attending workshops offered again this year. The three day show offers over 60 different workshops featuring over 80 industry experts.