American Made Panels

Published Thursday, January 10, 2019 10:35 am

Springfield, MO – Local solar company, Sun Solar, announces its official transition to American-made solar panels, which will lessen the impact of any cost increases due to the thirty percent (30%) tariff imposed by the US government on imported solar panels in January 2018.

The 30% tariff increased the cost of purchasing imported solar panels for US companies who then struggled to keep solar energy systems affordable for customers. Prior to the imposition of the tariff, Sun Solar was fortunate enough to secure pricing on solar panels, avoiding cost increases, but Sun Solar’s CEO, Caleb Arthur, said that was a temporary solution.

“I wanted to avoid being put in a position where Sun Solar would have to pass on massive cost increases to our customers,” says Arthur. “To prevent this, we worked hard to secure fixed pricing prior to the imposition of the tariff, but this was only a temporary solution due to Sun Solar’s good relationship with suppliers. Our long-term goal was to partner with a manufacturer within the US to offer American-made panels at a competitive price to imported panels.”

To begin the new year, Sun Solar is officially announcing that it will be installing all American- made panels for residential customers in 2019. Sun Solar will purchase its panels from Silfab Solar, which is a company that manufactures solar panels at its flagship manufacturing plant in Bellingham, Washington.

“It’s exciting to be the first solar company in Missouri to commit to all American-made solar panels,” says Arthur. “We live in a beautiful country and want to help grow America. Hopefully we will see an increase in American solar jobs by investing in American-made panels.”


About Sun Solar

Sun Solar is a local, family owned solar energy company that was founded by Caleb Arthur in 2012. Since its inception, Sun Solar has installed solar energy systems for over 3500 residential homes and businesses and further, founded its own energy efficiency company, Smart Energy Solutions, to provide energy efficiency services. Sun Solar provides energy independence through innovative technology. To learn more about Sun Solar, visit