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We Need To Talk About Document Security: 4 Questions To Ask Your Copier Dealer and IT Expert

Published Monday, June 19, 2017 11:15 am
by Greg Tigges

Recent threats like the Ransomeware cyber attack, which attacked businesses across the globe, have motivated small and midsize businesses to prioritize document security. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some expert help to turn that worry into action?

Here are 4 questions you need to ask your copier dealer and IT expert to ensure you’re taking the right steps to protect one of your most delicate and critical business assets: your data.

1. Do you know the risks? A 2016 study by Cyber Streetwise shocked researchers and industry professionals by revealing that less that 25% of small businesses perceived cybercrime as a threat. In order to put a sound plan in place to protect your company, you must first understand the risks.

2. Are you protecting your Multifunction Printers (MFPs) and copiers as well as computers? Companies that do have security plans in place are usually focused on their computers, unaware of the threats posed by smart MFPs and printer. A comprehensive protection plan considers not only external attacks but also protects against the spread of malware and unauthorized access to the MFPs and copiers, so information is protected as it passes both in and out.

3. Are you protected against internal threats as well as external? Not all breaches are malicious. Leaks are just as likely to be caused by simple, avoidable mistakes made by honest, well-meaning employees. Some of the most common are:

·     asking a teammate to print for them;

·     leaving documents in the printer tray;

·     sending sensitive documents to the wrong person; and

·     leaving data on the printer’s hard drive.

ConnectKey protects against all these by requiring authentication before a print job starts and allowing for password protection of files, so your documents print only when you are ready to pick them up. The Xerox VersaLink C405 Color MFP supports easy mobile printing from anywhere, so remote employees won’t be tempted to ask other team members to print for them, minimizing the transfer of sensitive information—and the risk that it will be improperly stored or shared. These devices also include hard disk encryption, which automatically overwrites the hard drive so there’s no need to worry about what is being stored there—or who might be able to access it.

4.   Do you have constant monitoring? Monitoring MFPs and copiers should be a simple, hands-off process. The Xerox VersaLink and Altalink copiers/printers all come equipped with comprehensive firmware verification tests that are either triggered at start-up or can be activated by an authorized user. Alerts are sent when harmful changes to the printer have been detected. Altalink devices also come equipped with McAfee whitelisting technology, which constantly monitors for and automatically prevents any malicious malware from running, even when your business is closed.

As a copier dealer, we’re here to provide expert advice and IT support to help you protect your business. By asking these simple questions you can gain a clear understanding of your security needs and how best to build a plan that incorporates the right products and solutions to keep your information secure.

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