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GO CAPS Teacher Externship Program

The GO CAPS Teacher Externship Program is designed to promote the philosophy of the GO CAPS program of connecting business and education. The GO CAPS program connects high school students with a wide range of career opportunities, but the experience in the program itself is limited to participating students. The Teacher Externship Program allows teachers to connect with business and education by experiencing industries and professional fields outside of the school where they teach. In turn, teachers can take the knowledge and experiences from their externship back to their classroom to better prepare students for the workforce.

Two sessions: June 25-29 or July 23-27

Tentative Agenda:

  • Monday morning: Program Orientation at the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Monday afternoon: Introduction to assigned business
  • Tuesday-Thursday: Full days at assigned business
  • Friday morning: Reflection and Closing at the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce

What to Expect:

  • Exposure to various departments and functions within a local business
  • Collaboration and valuable connections with area business leaders and teachers from 13 districts
  • Opportunities to see the business world outside of the education field and to gain experiences that will aid you in preparing your students for the workforce

Up to eight teachers per high school can participate. Teachers will be paid $500 for completing the five-day externship, attending the 2019 Winter Summit and completing a continuing education project with externship participants.

If you're interested in participating, you can email Alex Greiwe