Member Spotlight: Elliott, Robinson & Company

Posted by Maggie Kost on Sep 02, 2014

Name of Business: Elliott, Robinson & Company, LLP
President/CEO/Director: Bob Helm, CPA
Phone: 417.887.0585
Years in Business: 40


1)      In a nutshell, what does your business provide its customers?  How would you describe your business to a potential client?

At Elliott Robinson, we handle and solve client issues from any perspective that they might need.  Sometimes it is as simple as referring them to someone for banking, insurance, investment or other needs that might be brought to our attention.  Our goal is to make them feel we are more than accountants, we are trusted business advisers who assist to help them run their business more effectively which typically means more profitable.  We come along clients to show them how to accomplish not only their business and financial goals; but, also their personal goals.  Because life is more than just their balance sheet. 

2)      What are some features that make your business unique?

The areas we specialize in besides the typical tax and auditing services include the following:

1.       Historic Tax Credits, Audits, and Certifications – As an illustration, this specialized service relates to the revitalization of the downtown areas occurring all across Missouri involving historic preservation developments.

2.       Low Income Housing Projects - We handle a substantial amount of the audit and tax work for LIHTC projects in this area.  Missouri has very strict requirements for setting up and maintaining these projects which typically spans over a 15-year period.

3.       Retirement Plan Administration and Audits – A rapidly growing area of our firm that requires expertise and attention to detail is retirement plan administration.  Because these plans are watched closely by the Department of Labor there is very little room for error.

4.       Non-Profit Industry – For over 40 years, we have been assisting non-profit organizations in the Springfield area and throughout the United States.  Where we serve these agencies best include our management letter recommendations for improvements in their operations and then strengthening their internal controls which benefits their funding opportunities for the programs they represent.

5.       Business Valuations - As the baby boomers reach retirement there are many business owners attempting to sell their companies.  With that transition, typically a business valuation is prepared to determine a value for making this happen.


3)      Give us a brief history of your business, and be sure to include any previous major achievements.

In 1973, Gordon Elliott established the firm based on controllership accounting.  Most small companies could not afford a controller in the early years so the philosophy was that Elliott Robinson could fill that position in assisting the owner with strong financial information on how to better operate their company.  Over the years as our clients grew and those controller positions transitioned internally to the companies our role changed; but, remained constant as a seasoned CPA and consultant.  We advise companies on strategies to become more profitable and solve problems that extend beyond the traditional roles of a company’s internal staff.  With a proactive role in our clients’ business, our clients have become key employers in our city and surrounding community.


4)      What is the most exciting news your business has had in the last year?  What accomplishment are you most proud of?

The fact that we are now well into the second generation of the firm and continue to be very successful is a huge accomplishment as a locally owned business.  With that comes excellent growth and opportunities for the staff to advance within our firm.  Almost 41 years of service to Springfield and the surrounding communities says a lot for the history and accomplishments of the firm.  The most exciting news occurring right now is the construction of our new office building that we should occupy sometime later in the Fall of 2014.  This has been a big step for the firm and has created excitement not only by our staff but also by our clients.  There are many people in the community we talk with on a daily basis that are interested in keeping up-to-date on the progress of our construction.  That means a lot to us as we continue to invest and grow in our community.


5)      What do you see for the future of your business?
Simply put, the future of Elliott Robinson is great, with an excellent staff that is second to none who are committed to serving our clients at the very highest level.

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