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Member Spotlight: Neighbor's Mill

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Mar 18, 2016

Company Name: Neighbor's Mill Bakery & Cafe
Owner/Operators: Lauren Brown and Clifton Brown
Years in Business (in Springfield): Less than one

Business Description
We’re a bakery/café specializing in handcrafted, American hearth-style breads. We bake everything from scratch. Our café features healthy and delicious sandwiches, soups and salads.

Brief History
Neighbor's Mill has one location in Harrison, Arkansas, which opened in 2000. Our new Springfield location is the first outside of Harrison. We’re a family-owned and operated business and we've experienced much success with our handcrafted breads throughout this region.

Unique Features
We grind our own wheat on site! We ship in wheat berries from Montana and grind them into flour in our stone burr grist mill. Our bakers come in each morning at 3 a.m. to produce the finest and most flavorful bread around!

Exciting News
We opened our second location in Springfield earlier this year!

What does the future hold?
We look forward to becoming more connected in the Springfield community. We're grateful to be in a place where people embrace new restaurants and are willing to dine out and support small businesses. We hope to eventually open more locations in the Ozarks. We also hope to become a place known for training and teaching bakers in the area – we have high hopes for internship and partnership opportunities with programs like OTC and MSU's hospitality management school!


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