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Vote YES twice without raising taxes

Vote Yes on April 5 on both issues
Posted by Ann Elwell on Mar 11, 2016

Election Day: April 5

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The Chamber board of directors is recommending “yes” votes on two issues on the April 5 ballot. Questions 1 and 2 will ask Springfield voters to renew existing sales taxes for important transportation and infrastructure projects —without increasing costs to taxpayers.

Question 1 is renewal of a 1/4 cent sales tax for capital improvements. Among the projects to be funded are stormwater improvements, sidewalk construction and improved traffic flow. Question 2 is renewal of a 1/8 cent sales tax dedicated to transportation projects. Projects to be funded include major street repair, intersection improvements and bridge widening.

This is a unique year, where both issues will come before voters on the same ballot for the first time since initial approval of the ballot measures in 1989 and 1996, which makes it all the more important for a “yes” vote on both.

In encouraging “yes” votes, the Chamber board followed the recommendation of its Local Issues Public Policy Task Force which studied both issues. The task force cited the “Completed as Promised” projects throughout the city that were priorities in citizen surveys. “These two issues have proved over time to be some of the most efficient uses of taxpayer dollars,” said Debbie Shantz Hart, chairman of the Chamber board of directors. “This funding is critical to economic development and the continued growth of our region by allowing the city to stay on track with improvements to roadways and other infrastructure needs. We have a safer and more dependable infrastructure system as a result.”

The board also cited the “no tax increase” feature of both ballot issues. Visitors to Springfield help fund projects through their purchases. Springfield voters have consistently approved these two taxes when they’ve come up for renewal.

When compared to surrounding communities, Springfield invests less in transportation than smaller cities such as Columbia and Joplin.

The transparent nature of the funds from these initiatives and the process by which the projects are chosen make voting yes on these two issues easy. For details on proposed projects that would benefit from the renewal of these taxes, visit the City of Springfield website: springfieldmo.gov/election, or click here to view the city's presentation.

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