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The Partnership for Sustainability needs your input

Posted by Unknown on Jul 01, 2014

The Partnership for Sustainability (P4S) is a group of local businesses and institutions committed to finding and implementing practices that move them along the path toward sustainability.  As organizations seek to implement sustainable practices, the Partnership is interested in further understanding the challenges that must be overcome and the resources that are needed to successfully implement strategies that reduce environmental impacts and operational costs. We have attached a brief survey to help us collect this information.  This information will be kept confidential and no organizational names participating in the survey will be published.  The information will be used to help the Partnership develop programs that can be of value to your organization and others in the region.  Please consider taking a few minutes to complete the following survey:

For more information about the P4S and Ozarks GreenScore please feel free to visit our website at or email us at  Thanks again for your time.


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