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Better roadways, no additional cost

Posted by Ann Elwell on Feb 04, 2016

It’s a good day when you can cast a vote for a tax issue—without increasing your taxes.

Springfield voters will be presented with a decision to renew the existing 1/4-cent capital improvement and 1/8-cent transportation sales taxes when they go to the polls April 5.

Because the two proposals are continuations of existing taxes, their approval will not present additional costs to taxpayers. The Chamber board supports the renewal of both because they benefit business: strong infrastructure, greater roadway capacity and enhanced safety.

The capital improvements tax will be invested in street resurfacing, traffic flow improvement, school sidewalks and other high priority projects.

The transportation tax will go towards intersection improvements, street and bridge widening and alternative transportation projects such as bike route connectivity and rail crossing improvements.

The Chamber’s Local Issues Public Policy Task Force studied the issue before bringing its recommendation to the board. Members said both taxes have proved to be some of the most efficient use of taxpayer dollars, helping the city stay on track with improvements.

Watch for more information from the Chamber in the weeks to come.


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