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Jobs. Safety. Accountability. Vote YES on 7!

Posted by Maggie Kost on Jul 23, 2014

Safer roads and better infrastructure are both key to the well-being of Springfield’s economic climate. Amendment 7 is a solution that will fix our roads, repair/replace our unsafe bridges and fund priority transportation improvements in Missouri.

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Is Springfield the most dangerous city in America?

Posted by Maggie Kost on Jul 07, 2014

You may have seen the headlines on Facebook or other social media sites, but is Springfield really the most dangerous city in America? What are we doing to make sure our city’s reputation isn’t tarnished, and most importantly, how do rankings like these impact things like economic development and talent attraction?

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The Partnership for Sustainability needs your input

Posted by Unknown on Jul 01, 2014

Please consider taking a few minutes to complete the Partnership for Sustainability survey, which will be used to help the Partnership develop programs that can be of value to your organization and others in the region.  

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