State leaders echo need for workforce development

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Jun 20, 2017

According to those attending a June 14 roundtable at the Chamber, Missouri faces several challenges in coming years, and few are more pressing than the ongoing shortage of skilled workers - but the state is uniquely positioned to tackle those challenges.

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House budget chair offers look back at 2017 session

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on May 26, 2017

Rep. Scott Fitzpatrick's first year as chairman of the Missouri House Budget Committee was a challenging one based on the state’s $500 million dollar budget shortfall. Despite tough budget choices for the legislature to make, there were many business successes to point to in the 2017 session.

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State legislative session brings major business successes, but work remains

Posted by Chamber Communications on May 19, 2017

The 2017 Missouri legislative session ended May 12, and several priorities from the Chamber’s state legislative agenda made it across the finish line, marking a successful year for the state’s business climate.

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Giving international business a lift in Springfield

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on May 02, 2017

Companies looking to do business internationally may be aware that the Springfield-Branson National Airport has been home to a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) for two decades. In fact, until recently, it would have been possible to walk through the airport facility and not even know it was there.


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April election spells a win for economic growth

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Apr 07, 2017

The Chamber is incredibly grateful to businesses and individuals who supported the City Council candidates supported by the Springfield Good Government Committee, and especially to those who voted on April 4.

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Legislative Update: Progress on Chamber priorities, work remains in last five weeks of session

Posted by Emily Denniston on Apr 07, 2017

The 2017 legislative session is headed toward the finish line, with only five weeks until adjournment on May 12. Here is an update on some top Chamber priorities as of April 6.

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A vote for these candidates is a vote for economic growth

Posted by Chamber Communications on Mar 02, 2017

Following the recommendation of the Springfield Good Government Committee, the Chamber has endorsed these candidates for mayor and Springfield City Council. 

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Chamber encourages members to vote YES on the Springfield R-12 bond issue

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Mar 02, 2017

The Chamber board of directors encourages members to support the Springfield Public Schools bond issue on the April 4 ballot.

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State Senate leaders discuss legislative session, time in office

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Mar 01, 2017

The kickoff of the 2017 Public Policy Speaker Series featured an impressive panel of senators representing the Springfield region.

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A success for the Chamberís legislative agenda and the state

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Feb 14, 2017

One of the first items in the Chamber's state legislative agenda to successfully make it through the legislative process in 2017 was the Right to Work legislation, signed by Gov. Eric Greitens on February 6

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Taking the message to the Capitol

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Feb 03, 2017

The Chamber works year-round developing, refining and sharing its list of legislative priorities covering a wide range of issues, and work on those issues takes place in myriad locations and takes numerous forms.

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Making the case for Chamber legislative priorities

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Feb 02, 2017

The new year brings a wealth of possibilities and challenges in the Missouri Legislature. In an effort to address both sides of the legislative coin for 2017, Chamber volunteer leaders and staff have been advocating to state elected leaders in a variety of ways.

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The 2017 State Agenda: Reforms, Right to Work

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Jan 12, 2017

At the end of his first week as Speaker Pro Tem of the Missouri House of Representatives, Elijah Haahr visited the Chamber to speak with a packed house and offer a look at the top priorities for the 2017 legislative session.

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Freshman legislators visit Springfield to kick off statewide tour

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Dec 12, 2016

Freshman members of the Missouri Legislature get a statewide tour before they take office, visiting areas around the state to hear about the issues that matter most; Springfield was first on the legislators’ tour for 2016, and a group of nearly 50 made the Chamber their first stop on December 5.

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State legislative leaders preview top issues for 2017

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Dec 02, 2016

State Sen. Mike Kehoe and State Rep. Kevin Austin spoke to a packed house at the Springfield Chamber on November 30, offering a look at what the 2017 legislative session could hold, including the top priorities for the Republican majorities in both houses.

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Springfield City Council Meeting: A Case Study

Posted by Emily Denniston on Dec 01, 2016

The Chamber is focused on improving the business climate at all levels of government. Much of this work is done for our members and the business community behind the scenes, but sometimes all the pieces come together and demonstrate the way local government can work when operating at its best. 

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DOLís overtime rule change blocked for now

Posted by Chamber Staff on Dec 01, 2016

A federal judge has granted a preliminary injunction that blocks implementation of the Department of Labor's proposed new federal overtime rule. So what does that mean for your business?

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Ambassador visit highlights need for international communication

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Oct 27, 2016

As the Japanese ambassador to the United States, Kenichiro Sasae knows the importance of interpersonal communication—regardless of cultural divides. Sasae visited the Chamber on October 12.


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Chamber encourages members to vote NO on Amendment 3, Proposition A

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Oct 27, 2016

At the October 17 meeting of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, the board voted to oppose two statewide proposals that will appear on the November 8 ballot: Amendment 3 and Proposition A.

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Greenville visit reinforces value of strong leadership, common vision

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Oct 06, 2016

It was Greenville's concerted redevelopment effort and all of the factors that went into it that helped convince the Springfield Chamber to choose Greenville as the destination for its 23rd annual Community Leadership Visit (CLV) September 15-17.

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Taking action in 2016

Posted by Chamber Communications on Sep 02, 2016

The Chamber’s advocacy efforts have been running full steam ahead in 2016.

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State, federal leaders offer insights in Springfield

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Aug 05, 2016

July was another busy month for the Chamber’s advocacy efforts, as leaders from both the state and federal level visited Springfield to hear from area business leaders and offer a glimpse at the political climate.

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Congressman Long offers recap, looks ahead

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Aug 03, 2016

When Congressman Billy Long visited the Chamber July 26 to speak to the Governmental Relations Committee, he offered both a look back at what has been accomplished this session and a look at what still needs to be done.

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Chamber looks to members for legislative input

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Aug 02, 2016

The Chamber is always looking for ways to help connect with its members with decision makers in local, state and federal government.

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State treasurer addresses Missouri's fiscal health, plans for growth

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Aug 01, 2016

When State Treasurer Clint Zweifel visited Springfield July 7, he had a positive but cautious outlook. 

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Chamber advocacy brings state leaders to Springfield

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Jul 01, 2016

Numerous state leaders were in Springfield in June to share their stories and field questions from members.

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Fort Wood continues to impact Springfield

Posted by Emily Denniston on Jul 01, 2016

The officer in charge of Fort Leonard Wood made his first visit to the Chamber on June 23 to offer an update on what is happening at Missouri’s largest military base and its impact on Springfield.


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Attorney General Chris Koster analyzes Missouri government

Posted by Ann Elwell on Jun 23, 2016

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster was the featured guest June 15 during the second installment of the Chamber’s Public Policy Speaker Series, where he discussed issues that impact all Missouri businesses including transportation funding, economic development and educating tomorrow’s workforce.

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Possibilities and struggles in trading with Cuba

Posted by Ann Elwell on Jun 20, 2016

Cuba and its export economy languish at the bottom of the list of world nations but that hasn’t prevented it from becoming the “debutante of the ball.”

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Reflecting on six years in the Capitol

Posted by Jeremy Elwood on Jun 10, 2016

When Lincoln Hough visited the Chamber June 10 to speak to the Governmental Relations Committee, he offered a look back at six eventful years as representative of the state’s 135th district, covering the eastern portion of Springfield.

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