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Member Spotlight: Clinvest/Headache Care Center

Posted by Maggie Kost on Nov 01, 2014

Name of Business: Clinvest/Headache Care Center
President/CEO/Director: Roger Cady, MD
Phone: 417.841.3649
Years in Business: 18

In a nutshell, what does your business provide its customers? How would you describe your business to a potential client?
We lead the nation in headache treatment and care. We offer patient-centered treatments, and medical research opportunities.

What are some features that make your business unique?
Roger Cady, MD is a world renown headache specialist. His patient-centered philosophy attacks patients from around the globe to manage their headaches.

Give us a brief history of your business, and be sure to include any previous major achievements.
We have been treating headaches for years, and we have a hall of fame to prove it. When you walk into our clinic, you will see hundreds of success stories of people living headache free because of the Headache Care Center.

What is the most exciting news your business has had in the last year? What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Clinvest, our research division, has been nominated to conduct a variety of medical studies for headache, asthma, COPD, arthritis, and PHN. Springfield residents can see if they qualify to participate in ground breaking new treatments.

What do you see for the future of your business?
Our future is bright and so is Springfield's. WE envision a community that is headache free. We strive to teach our community how to manage headaches and many other aspects of their health.


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