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Member Spotlight: Tri-County Security

Member Spotlight: Tri-County Security
Posted by Maggie Kost on Jul 03, 2014

Name of Business: Tri-County Security
President/CEO/Director: Joshua Hutchison
Years in Business: 25
Phone: 417-880-0621

In a nutshell, what does your business provide its customers? How would you describe your business to a potential client?

Tri-County Security is a full service private law enforcement agency commissioned by the Missouri Board of Police Commissioners, Missouri Board of Private Investigators/Fire Investigators. Tri-County is fully insured, licensed, bonded and commissioned Class A Title 17 Private Officers/Merchant Officers and Title 20 Private Investigators.

What are some features that make your business unique?

What really sets Tri-County Security apart from any other agency is that we are nationally known for our highly proactive presence in uniform. Tri-County officers are trained by Post Certified Law Enforcement Instructors and represent the best in professional security services. We pride ourselves on our officers’ ability to offer you and your guests great customer service, professional appearance.

Give us a brief history of your business, and be sure to include any previous major achievements.

Tri-County Security began in 1989 under the name Tri-County Investigations as a private investigation agency. Shortly after its inception, Tri-County added even more services such as armed and unarmed private security, dignitary protection and law enforcement instruction.

After incorporating in 2005, Tri-County grew even larger by adding more training opportunities.
In 2012 Tri-County Security was reincorporated by its new Chief Officers Hutchison and Nickols. Tri-County Security and Investigations began a large growth period while adding many more Professional Services including notary public, fugitive recovery, aerial surveillance, community emergency response teams, underwater search and rescue, law enforcement training for law enforcement agencies and officers, and more.

What is the most exciting news your business has had in the last year? What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Tri-County Security is very proud to provide our professional services to Federal Agencies across the country. Now we are very proud to have added the great city of Springfield, Missouri. We look forward to a close relationship with the community and the city of Springfield.

What do you see for the future of your business?

The future of Tri-County Security is exciting as we are experiencing rapid professional growth in the entire Midwest region, covering multiple states and have quickly become a national private law enforcement agency. Tri-County is continuously adding true law enforcement professionals to its ranks daily. These professionals include Post Certified Law Enforcement Officers, Military Veterans and include Military Combat Veterans, Highly Experienced and Highly Trained Security Professionals.

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