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Member Spotlight: American Cancer Society

Posted by Unknown on May 21, 2015

Company Name: American Cancer Society
President: Kim Edwards
Years In Business: 102

Business Description: We offer free programs and services to local cancer patients.

Unique Features: We fund groundbreaking cancer research, provide free services to cancer patients, host amazing community fundraising events.

Brief History: The American Cancer Society is the largest voluntary based health organization in the country. We have been in existence for over 100 years with a dedication to saving lives. Relay For Life is our largest fundraising event nationwide and we host 35 Relay For Life events out of our Springfield office in Southwest Missouri. Cancer death rates have declined by 20% in the last 20 years. We not only fund cancer treatment research, we also conduct cancer prevention studies to determine factors that contribute to a cancer diagnosis. This research proved the connection between second hand smoke and lung cancer. The American Cancer Society is not dedicated to one type of cancer, we fund research and programs for cancer patients effected with all cancers.

Exciting News: In the last year the American Cancer Society office in Southwest Missouri worked with over 13,000 volunteers and raised over $2.4 Million in the fight against cancer. The Cattle Baron's Ball of Southwest Missouri is in the top 10 in the Nation for American Cancer Society Gala events. Greene county consistently wins a per capita award for Relay For Life and our Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event was the largest it has ever been.

Future Business: We are working to increase our presence in the Southwest Missouri community to make people aware of the program and services we offer to cancer patients locally. We have great momentum with our events and are looking to grow those events moving forward. 

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