Vote "NO" on April 8 and RENEW pension funding

Posted by Maggie Kost on Apr 04, 2014

The Chamber Board of Directors encourages members to vote “NO” next Tuesday, and renew pension funding for Springfield Police and Firefighters.

The decision we make on April 8 will have a huge impact on safety, an issue which affects every business and every employee in our community. It’s important that voters know the facts:

  • All of the promises the City made related to this sales tax have been kept
  • As of July 2013, the plan was close to 70% funded - a significant improvement from the 40% funding level in 2009
  • The fund must reach 100% because it is a closed plan with no new employees paying into it
  • Without revenue from this tax, the City would have to contribute an additional $9 million each year to the fund, which would mean cuts to public safety, the elimination of neighborhood police patrols and intermittent closure of some police and fire stations


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