Vote "NO" and RENEW Pension Funding

What you can do to get more people to the polls on April 8:

Check out the facts on the Police and Fire Pension Sales Tax:

  • As of July 2013, the plan was close to 70% funded - a significant improvement from the 40% funding level in 2009 - but still not at the 100% funded level required for a closed plan with no new employees paying into it.

  • That's why it is incredibly important that we vote NO and Renew pension funding. The statutorily required ballot language requires a NO vote to renew the tax, (a YES vote is a vote to repeal the tax.) The renewal is not a tax increase - it is a continuation of teh 3/4 cent sales tax. If the tax is renewed, it will sunset again in five years or when the plan is 100% funded, whichever comes first.

  • City Council made eight commitments related to passage of the tax in 2009 -- all of those commitments have been kept including no new citywide tax proposals. That  promise, among others, will continue if the tax is renewed by voters on April 8.

  • If the Police and Fire Pension Sales Tax is not renewed, the City would be required to transfer an additional $9 million a year out of general revenues to fund the plan. This would result in cuts to public safety including elimination of neighborhood police patrols and intermittent closure of some police and fire stations.

  • This carefully planned approach is working - we need to stick with it. Renewal is critically important at this time. With a nearly 20% increase in violent crime in Springfield during 2013, cuts to public safety services as a result of not renewing the tax would be devastating.
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