Easy Ways to 'Go Green'

Easy ways to 'go green'

• Take some action steps. There are no cost, low cost and capital improvements that pay for themselves quickly.
• Select someone in your company or organization that will be you firm’s champion for sustainability. There is probably someone who is eager to take on that role.
• Call ( 417-862-8459) or email the Partnership for Sustainability for information, tips and guidance – there is a tremendous amount of information and we can help focus on your particular business. You can also schedule a site visit for and even more thorough assessment.

• Change your incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs
• Install a programmable thermostat (rebates available from City Utilities)
• Turn off lights in unoccupied areas – at the end of the day turn off ALL lights (don’t forget restrooms)
• Turn off and/or unplug office equipment and appliances at night
• Turn off other equipment when not in use
• Get a free business energy audit from City Utilities
• Print and copy double sided and use the back of scrap paper to print in house correspondence and documents
• Go to paperless meetings
• Have staff use coffee mugs, dishes and utensils instead of Styrofoam, paper or plastic
• Recycle – contact us for guidance or check out www.springfieldmogov.org/recycling or Chamber member Southern Missouri Containers have great inexpensive recycling containers, call to order yours – 417-831-2685

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